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A Startup company/business is a budding company that requires basic nourishment by one or more than one business entrepreneurs with a sole motive to enhance encourage and enrich its product or services so that it may cater its client and flourish properly in the cut throat competitive market. The most important backup or requisite of any startup business is its database of market research. A proper and intensive market research is the key to initiate any startup and achieve success in it. In other words, a well-planned market research is an opportunity to turn the ideas of any startup into a successful business. For conducting an extensive market research, any startup business should be well versed with its business module, business plan, business name and likewise. Some of the most common examples of Startups Companies in Indian which during the period of time have gained name and fame in the whole world includes Flipkart, OYO, OLA and likewise. All these above said startup companies have a strong and productive market research based on their capabilities in terms of their services which they have utilized for the initiation of their respective business. Slowly and gradually, their turn over got jumped by leaps and bounds and helped them to establish themselves as the top performing companies in the market. Their reputation got towed from the status of a startup company to the fame of a multinational company in today’s scenario.

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